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no. 03

full day starts at $1600

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no. 02

seasonal packages starting at $150

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no. 01


starting at $1600 for 4 hours

half day starts at $850

start at $500

commissions for special projects, prints and textiles by request.

a great time

some great memories

you know, all around greatness


and more shenanigans


anything else...

A talented visual artist, Jaime captures the beauty of the moment and her subjects. She is calm, confident, and patient, making the experience enjoyable for all. We are always blown away by the amazing ways in which she captures our family in photos.​ She has photographed our wedding, birth of our first son, new born photos, family gatherings and extended family portraits. ​

Sarah Stafford

Usaj Realty

Jamie is a pleasure to work with! Her attention to detail and lighting is second to none. She is always respectful of the properties we are at, helping to straighten the linens, pillows, and blinds. She is on time and edits photos quickly when needed. Her easy going attitude is great to work with on shoots. I have even taken her through horse stables - she is the best!

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bess + frank




it was meant to be...